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In the era of de-carbonization, BioMass Solution's mission is to bring financially sound and environmentally restorative and regenerative, low carbon or carbon negative solutions to undervalued and problematic waste. Through this, we are solving an environmental problem, producing renewable and regenerative outcomes whilst creating jobs, contributing to the local tax base, all the while providing strong financial returns while de-carbonizing air and re-carbonizing soils.

Portfolio of Technologies

Since BioMass Solution's inception in 2008, we have been building a portfolio of technologies through partnerships and licensing activities. The company has an extensive global network that allows it to have access to the right technology to optimize the utilization of the waste. We fit the right technology to the situation. We are biomass pyrolysis

Financial Focus

BioMass Solution is a finacially driven company. Our projects and solutions start with a bullet-proof financial model and business plan that is stress tested. Many iterations and risk assessments along with sensativity analysis are conducted to help ensure that the project will succeed in the worst possible conditions and thrive in normal operating conditions.

Experienced Team

BioMass Solution has worked in and around the renewables and energy space for 30 years. Our approach is to fit the right team for the situation. An experienced team knows how to get the project done right and more importantly builds on its own experience to help make subsequent projects more successful. 

Strong Partnerships

BioMass Solution has partnerships with a number of technology providers that have been in place for a number of years. These partnerships allow BioMass Solution to have access to the latest iteration of the technology as well as a direct line to the key personnel in these companies. This helps ensure that projects in expected timeframes and perform at or beyond expections.

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